Salient Features


MySubwayCard is extremely popular among the people in the United States. All the customers who love enjoying the sandwiches of the Subway have registered their cards and availed of all the benefits offered by these cards. The rewards points are immediately offered when they register their account on the official portal at

MySubwayCard Salient Features

  • The customers of the Subway who possess this card can reload the balance that ranges between $5 and $250. It is extremely easy to reload the amount in this card. You can easily do it by using your mobile phone.
  • If you have these card, you need not carry any cash when you visit the Subway premises to enjoy your meals.
  • You will be entitled to several promotional offers after you register these cards on the official portal.
  • You need to redeem the reward points when you are offered the same.
  • You can validate the reward points to any of the nearby Subway stores.
  • MySubwayCard can be used both online and offline while making a purchase from any of the Subway stores.
  • Using the official portal of this card is extremely user-friendly and secure for each and every customer of the Subway.

MySubwayCard is one of the best options for the people who wish to get more close to the Subway. This card gives the customer an opportunity to claim heave discounts on their meals from the Subway premises. After collection of certain points, you will be also offered a Subway sandwich without paying a single penny.

MySubwayCard Features